Terms and conditions

Equipment Delivery & Return

  • Price includes delivery and return shipping across Australia.
  • Expect your equipment via courier 3 days before your event, barring unforeseen delays.
  • A prepaid satchel is provided for equipment return. Return it within 3 business days post-event, late returns may incur extra fees. If you need it longer after the event date, please contact us and we will most likely be a able to accommodate, if given enough notice.

Content Delivery

  • Access your private audio gallery within 2 business days after we receive the equipment back.
  • Receive audio (MP3) and video (MP4) formats for each message. These are easy to share to social media.
  • Provide an image within 5 days post-event for inclusion in video files (MP4); otherwise, no image will be added.

Voice Greeting

  • Your personalized greeting will be preloaded. Record and send it to us post-booking. There should be a link in the order confirmation email, if you have any troubles feel free to contact us. If not uploaded 14 days before the event, a generic greeting will be used.

Changes & Cancellations

  • Full refund for cancellations 30+ days before the event. 50% refund for 30 to 14 days. No refund within 14 days.
  • Change Guest Book style for free 14+ days before the event, subject to availability.
  • Adjust your hire period for free 14+ days before the event.

Liability Limits

  • Maximum claim is limited to your booking cost.
  • Report equipment issues within 12 hours of delivery. We'll replace faulty equipment by the event date or offer a refund/credit.
  • You're responsible for equipment loss or damage during the hire period. Charges apply for repairs or replacements.
  • Equipment may show minor cosmetic wear.
  • Equipment is ready-to-use with a full battery. A charging cable is provided if needed.
  • Don't alter or remove content from the equipment without our consent.
  • We're not liable for user errors or content quality affected by external factors.
  • We're not responsible for unforeseen events affecting our service (e.g., natural disasters).

Intellectual Property

  • Copyright is shared between VoiceKeepSakes and the customer.
  • We may use content for promotions unless advised otherwise. Content won't be used if deemed unsuitable or damaging.
  • Commercial use of content requires our written consent.
  • Tampering with the equipment incurs a $2,000 fee.

Updated: June 2024

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